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"Now," whispered Fate, and with a whimsical whistle through his teeth, the movements are played.
He sat back and smiled, "She's ready," he glanced over at Destiny as her body faded to an apparition, while the synergy between the two catalysts began to hum and vibrate through the rainbows dancing around them.

The song in her voice rang in the purest melody as she watched the map before her. "She has followed the paths that gave her courage, while power grew in her spirit." A small breeze caressed the air, her words embracing the picture she studied. "No other way could fill her with the poise, dignity, and self-discipline she has acquired in this way."

A shadow simmered through Destiny's vitality, the rainbow hues darkened around her. "You allowed considerable suffering for this one, my Lord."

Fate nodded sombrely: "Yes, as with all free will, I have to allow their choices to play out the way the plan is designed." He gestured to a city full of bottles, each filled with swaying liquid. "Her tears," he said simply with pain in his eyes. "Go to my child."

Destiny began to run and leap before she was a streak of silver lining the clouds as she descended to earth like a glittering rocket.  She landed next to her, The One they were discussing. She smiled as she looked down at The One, who slept peacefully. Her eyelids fluttered with dreams as Destiny stood over her, a silver thread dangling from her fingertips.

Suddenly it exploded into tiny confetti-like glitter, and she blew it towards The Sleeping One. 
As the sparkling ideas began to fall on her face, The Sleeping One began to smile slightly before rolling over with a content sigh. The glowing concepts melted into her head, creating a brainstorm of divine purpose. Before she woke up the next day, she knew her path had completely changed.

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