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The Soul

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

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Welcome to a place where you can look through "the window and into my soul." With a series of what I call "soul-lections," I share pieces of my story that I think are relatable. My life has not turned out the way I always thought it would. I share the ups and downs I have gone through with vulnerability and truth.

I've experienced many losses: miscarriages, a stillbirth, my son dying from a heart defect, divorce, and dealing with a new relationship that collapsed under the weight of addiction. I know the meaning of anguish all too well. I have been surrounded by death and people close to me dying for over a decade, and have lost everything I worked to build in my life - family, belongings, house, vehicles and money - and have had to start over and rebuild my life when I am almost 40.

Pain has been a central part of my experience, and I have met many others genuinely tormented and in profound misery. Countless people are walking around feeling alone, carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders.

Pain makes reality seem darker and gives a negative perspective of the world.
Pain makes us lose our innocence.

It's a torturous place to be, and some people will do anything to try and escape it. People cope in all sorts of ways: angry outbursts, uncharacteristic actions, negative self-talk, and addiction are just some of them.

Most are misunderstood because of their choices when they're suffering. Instead of compassion and empathy, people who don't understand will form assumptions and judgments. This only pushes those hurting deeper into depression.

Pain changes people. Sometimes for good. Sometimes not.

My vision is to create a space where my story can help people bring awareness and perspective on life.

I want to tear down the veil people hide behind in shame and fear of judgment. I want to support anyone who has ever felt suffocated by any form of mental health issue. I want to rip apart the stigma around addiction and mental illness, and encourage discussion on hard topics. Hopefully, when you hear my story, you won't feel so bad about yours.

Finally, I hope to make people laugh and smile about how ridiculous life can sometimes be, and how similar we actually are.

If you found me and my blog, you are meant to know this too: Sometimes, we go through periods where we are just surviving. And that's okay, because it got you here. But surviving isn't enough, and you can actually get to a place where you are thriving.

Despite it all, nothing lasts forever, no matter what has happened or what kind of pain you have gone through. Whatever is down must come up.

We did have to burn. We do have to be brave. But after this:

We get to rebuild.


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